Contributions to the new Weapon-UK album

There’s a great bunch of Swedish musicians I’d like to thank for their contributions to the new Weapon-UK album.

Thank you Mano Lewys, Oscar Bromvall, Robert Majd – Electric Guitars

Håkan Granat – Acoustic Guitar

Marcus Johansson & Magnus Ulfstedt – Drums

Erik Modin- Backing vocals

All bass parts – Tony Forsythe

Sverker Widgren – at Wing Studios, Stockholm for engineering..

Thanks also to my good friends Tino Troy & Darren Lee who kindly played on the one cover song on the album.. I think you’ll like it!

Special thanks to my good friend Robert Majd who Co-wrote the songs with me.

Not forgetting my best friend, and original Weapon bassist, the late Baz Downes. I am using a couple of lyrics that Baz & I wrote together back in the day. A fitting tribute to a great bass player, songwriter and, more importantly, a true friend!

In Memory of Baz Downes

(14th Sept’ 1951 – 16th Dec’ 2020)

Photo: Michael Damkvist
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