Biography – Danny Hynes

Danny Hynes was born on the 15th November 1900? in Dublin, Ireland into a family of eight. He grew up listening to his older brothers records by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles & The Hollies etc, before discovering his personal favourites The Small Faces. It was Steve Marriott, his hero and someone he was to meet later in life that gave him the singing bug. The 1st song he ever sang in public was Christie’s, Yellow River.

He left Ireland in the 70’s to live in Birmingham with his former wife and two sons. It was there he started his professional musical career signing in several Midlands bands, including Machine and Sister Dora with whom he toured the army bases of Germany, a real musical education! Also in the line up, on bass guitar, was one Baz Downes.Bored with the music scene in The Midlands, and going nowhere, Danny answered an advert in the Melody Maker for a London band and Baz came along to support him. He didn’t like the band but checked out another one who where looking for a singer and a bass player. They got the gig and both moved to London. After rehearsing and recording for several months they could see it was going nowhere and decided to form their own band, Snatch, along with drummer, George Jackson. After auditioning many guitarists they settled on Bob Angelo, who later became a member of both Iron Maiden & Praying Mantis.

After several gigs, and with record companies only interested in punk bands, Snatch called it a day. March 1980, Danny placed an advert in The Melody Maker ‘Singer looking for rock band, no time wasters please’ In the same issue Jeff Summers had placed an ad ‘Rock band looking for singer’. Danny auditioned for Jeff’s band, Fast Relief. He got the gig, loved the material but hated the name. They agreed on a name change. Weapon, an expression always used by Bob Angelo when he thought something was great, was born. They invited several record companies, publishers and agents etc to their 1st show, at Neros Palace, Wandsworth, London, in May 80. After the show Laurie Dunn, then head of Virgin publishing, showed interest and offered the band some time in Virgins Barge studios, a small demo studio onboard a boat moored on Londons Maida Vale Canal. The band laid down several tracks, which Dunn liked. However, he didn’t think much of the rhythm section, something Danny was in agreement with. After talks with Jeff it was decided to bring in a new rhythm section. Danny suggested his best mate Baz Downes and Jeff, Bruce Bisland, a drummer who had played with Jeff’s brother, Steve, in Lip Service. The Weapon line up clicked immediately.

With further recordings at The Manor & Townhouse studios the band signed a 5-year publishing deal with Virgin. And went on to support Motorhead on their 32 date 1980 Ace Up Your Sleeve U.K. tour. Weapon called it a day after a couple of years due to bad management, lack of record company support etc, etc, but all the guys remained good friends. Danny tried to resurrect the band a couple of years later with a completely new line-up but after a few gigs he could see it wasn’t right so called time. Still in contract to Virgin publishing and Smart, or not so smart!, Management, and with nothing to do he decide to form a covers band. Paddy Goes To Holyhead was born. A band whose line-up was, and is, ever changing. Members came and went depending on their availability from the proper bands. Over the past 25 years Paddy has included the elite of the music business, including his old partners in Weapon, Jeff, Bruce and Baz, Andy Scott (Sweet), the late Mick Tucker (Sweet), Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep), The Troy brothers (Praying Mantis) who are in the current line up. Guests have included the late Mel Galley & Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Dave Murray (Iron Maiden), Brian Robertson, Eric Bell & Darren Wharton (Thin Lizzy), Dave Hill & Don Powell (Slade), Deborah & Jason Bonham and the list goes on.

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