Danny Hynes – Lead Singer
Wireless Shure SM-87 or Shure –58 + Light Upright Mic Stand
Uses Shure ‘In Ear Monitors’ which he will bring.

Jeff Summers – Guitar/Vocals
1 x Marshall JCM 200 TSL high gain amplifier
2 x 4 x 12 Speaker cabinets
Will bring own guitars

Tony Forsythe – Bass/Vocals
Any of the following bass companies gear:
Trace Elliot
With 500w (minimum) amp
1 x 4 x 10 cab + 1 x 1 x 15 Cab Or 2 x 4 x 10 cab
Will bring own guitars

Andreas Westerlund – Drums
Preferably Pearl/Tama Drums and Paiste 2002 or similar cymbals
22” bass drum
13” tom on snare stand
16” floor tom
14” snare drum
Hi-hat stand (2 legs)
4 cymbal stands
Cowbell and mount
Double bass pedal (tama iron cobra power glide preferably)
Drum seat
Cymbals (if being supplied)
14” hi-hats
16” crash
18” crash
22” ride
18” china
Drum stick holder

The PA system should be comprehensive and must cater for at least ‘4 vocalists’ and have, at least, 6 fold back sends to cater for on -stage musicians. The power output of the system must be able to deal with the size of the gig and the capacity of people expected at the show.